Friday, October 16, 2009

Free story from MIDNIGHT WALK!

In case you haven't yet grabbed your own copy of MIDNIGHT WALK, here's a little taste: Jodi Kaplan Lester's gorgeous and creepy "The Guixi Sisters" is now available free at

The Guixi Sisters

Yep, this isn't an excerpt or a synopsis - it's the whole doggone story! It's FREE! What are you waiting for?!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lucky Number 13!

MIDNIGHT WALK has now received 13 reviews, and I'm pleased to report that they've all been quite favorable. The most recent reviews are:

Dark Discoveries
Dark Scribe
Horror Fiction Review

Dark Scribe calls MIDNIGHT WALK "literary tapas for the horror enthusiast’s soul", Horror Fiction Review says "Morton has done a fine job delivering some solid horror stories that are fresh", and Dark Discoveries notes that MW "has some very interesting and unconventional offerings."

Thank you to all the reviewers who took the time to read and critique MIDNIGHT WALK - we're honored and grateful.