Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let's Take a Midnight Walk...

So, Midnight Walk was the title I came up with a few years ago for my first & only short story collection. I fancy myself a novelist, and writing short stories just takes up too much time for what I consider way too little reward. So, I figured someday I would package up all the short stories I'm way too uncaring about to shop around in between decent selling novels.

Now, my title is being used for this great new antho, though it only includes one of my stories, "Late Check-in", instead of the gazillion stories I had planned to unload on the horror reading public.

*Heavy Sigh*

By the way, "Late Check-in" is a haunted motel story I'd actually written a while back for a themed anthology about -you guessed it! - a scary motel. I would have definitely included it in my own Nightshift-esque collection. It's a fun story, though there isn't nearly enough sex in it for my tastes.

I should have thrown in some heaving bosoms or something.

But now it's too late. See, if "Late Check-in" was a novel, I could just throw in some sex and nudity like an old grindhouse drive-in flick, and Shazam! the problem would be fixed.

Anyhoo, I gotta go think up another cool title for my future short story collection. Maybe something subtle like Heaving Bloody Bosoms. But in the meantime, groove on the other 13 kick ass stories in Midnight Walk that aren't mine.


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  1. You could call your short story collection LITTLE REWARDS, couldn't you? As in, "here's a batch of little rewards for all my readers."