Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Could Have Been A Zombie Story!

It's true - my initial submission to the MIDNIGHT WALK anthology was a zombie musketeer story. Yeah, even I have to smile when I think about it, but that's the honest truth. "All For One & Dead For All" wasn't quite ready for primetime and was rejected.

As an unofficial "zombie guy", it was almost a relief to not have another undead story published. I can write other things within the world of horror, honest.

Not one to take an ass whippin' lightly, I dug through the files and settled on a second effort, which turned out to be the "Late Check-in" ghost story. It was received with open arms, and actually sparked my decision to remain within the realm of fearful spirits with my upcoming bloody haunted house novel, THE BUTCHER BRIDE.

And good thing "Late Check-in" was accepted. My next best option was a zombie porno piece.


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